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Galen & James in the News

James Strazza and Galen Warden were featured nationally in the USA Today network,

first in February of 2022, then in a 2024 follow-up article. Both stories were written by Gene Myers and photographed by Richard Burkhart. Video interviews of James and Galen are included.

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2024 front-page story on James's current status was a follow-up to 2022 story. See below.
Front-page Newspaper about Galen Warden and son James in 2024
Link to the article online:

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USA Today Network 2024

Interview with James and Galen

Video features James and Galen discussing improvements since initial 2022 article, thanks to an expensive supplement. You can also listen to a song James recently sang in bed and released.

James records vocals over instrumental music from his healthier past.

The video above includes one of these songs.

Photo of Galen Warden with son James Strazza by Richard Burkhart
Newspaper photo of James Strazza with a mic by his bed.

Galen with James, who has been confined to his bed since 2019, but can now tolerate conversations and listen to quiet music on good days.

Recycled Paper
An in-depth front-page article about James and Galen went national on the USA Today network in 2022.
Newspaper article about James Strazza and Gale Warden
Link to the article online:

Full article: 
Q&A with James: 
Video of James: 
Video of Galen:   

Recycled Paper

Journalist Gene Myers and photographer Richard Burkhart captured the essence of life with Severe ME/CFS in early 2022.

USA Today Network 2022

Interview with James on the USA Today network

Interview with Galen on the USA Today network

USA Today 2022
Speaking Invitations

Galen’s Speaking Invitations

Galen was invited to speak to Bateman Horne Center members in January, 2024. 

She shares strategies for practical logistics, such as gurney transportation, how to speak with medical practitioners when they dont know about ME, and tips for navigating the personal challenges of caring for a person with severe ME/CFS.

Galen was invited to be interviewed for PodcastDX, which addresses the challenges of coping with and supporting those with chronic diseases.

In this podcast, Galen is asked about her sons disease, as well as her own coping tools caring for someone completely bedbound 24/7.

PodcastDX preview of Galen Warden's Severe ME/CFS interview
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