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James was experiencing his most extreme suffering between July and October, 2020 when he wrote this book. He couldn’t hold his phone and type; all he could do was put poetry together in his mind and softly mutter talk-to-text. This book, to me, is archeology, deciphering the hieroglyphics of a secret language of dreams, even dreams of romance, that sprout from the soil of suffering. We’re digging up the bones of his pain. Nothing compares to that—it’s as valid as any expression in any form. Neruda, Blake, even Shakespeare, perfect writers of perfect poetry, did not experience the suffering that James pushed past to write. 


BookLife by Publisher's Weekly had only praise:

“Sometimes funny, sometimes gutting, and always beautiful, Strazza’s poems inspire readers to contemplate the importance of words as vehicles for empathy. Readers and music fans will love this poignant collection of masterfully written poems.”  

From Lyrical fans across the world:

"This book... I don’t know if any words that I write could even be worthy of describing such a complete masterpiece. The depth, reality, and rawness of his poetry is like none that I’ve read before. I have never experienced an artist that could evoke such a strong emotional response with, at many times, so few words. This is the kind of book that will remain a constant...something you will reach to over and over again finding a new feeling or meaning in lines you’ve read for the 5th time...yet somehow, always feels like the first time again and again. Absolutely brilliant."

"This book has raw power, truth, and a story of sadness that goes straight to the heart. Even though I wanted to stop and ponder certain poems, I had to keep reading. And every poem took me further into this man's life story. Remarkable."

"From the moment I began reading James’s poetry, I was hooked. His raw and real expression behind his words is not only relatable, but felt. His ability to maneuver through both the heart provoking and heartfelt, as well as the clever and straight to the point, shows his incredible talent for writing. You won’t be disappointed!"

"Brilliant, beautiful, and heartbreaking. James Strazza captures so many thoughts and feelings so eloquently, cleverly, and concisely. While also not taking himself too seriously.
I hope the window he opens into the world of severe ME/CFS, where so many are trapped, will help mobilize people to cure this horribly neglected disease."

"Never has a writer said so much in so few words. I’m a huge poetry fan but honestly no poet has ever moved me as much as this one. Every page I think I’ve found a new favourite poem, that’s the kind of book you treasure. I’m so glad he shares his talent with the world."

"Not everyone can talk about the ugly, raw and true emotions in life but James can and does in the most captivating way. I love the honest words he shared, even when it hurts to read them. Great read."

"Amazing book!!! Thought I was a deep thinker- wow!! Courageous, loving, real and hard. Keeps you turning those pages."

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